Covid-19 Info & Resources

choosing a covid-careful camp

Covid Careful Campers. We will be asking all campers to thoughtfully consider if they can GENUINELY get behind our covid careful guidelines. We are counting on real cooperation from all our campers to create a safe camp experience for everyone. If you think hand washing and mask wearing and physical distancing is NOT something you want to do, or you think it’s silly or not important. . . you should find a “pod” that shares your feelings and create some wonderful summer fun with those people. At camp we’re going to err on the side of careful.

No program can be COVID SAFE. There is risk involved attending In Person programs no matter how careful we are. Thus, if there are people in your house that have particular medical vulnerabilities please consider joining one of our virtual programs.

our plans for covid careful camp (as of November 2020)

Our covid careful plans for in-person programs in 2021 include:

  • 100% outdoors (which is standard operating procedure for our spring break and summer camps anyhow.)
  • Small Groups. We plan to have much smaller camps. 12-15 campers per week, and 4-5 staff.
  • Older kids. We will not be hosting Art Party or Stepping Stones in 2021. We are sad about this, but do not want to run those camps without the billions of counselors we normally have, and we can’t have that many counselors with our covid careful limits.
  • Physical distancing. We will be asking everyone to maintain 6 foot distancing throughout the day and will be creating an environment that supports this.
  • Mask wearing as needed. Everyone will be asked to have a mask around their necks all the time. If we are doing an activity where we are outdoors and reliably physically distanced, masks can be down. If we are doing an activity where we might have brief closer contact, we’ll ask for “masks up”.
  • Frequent hand washing. Everyone will have a small bottle of hand sanitizer clipped on and we’ll all clean hands on cue throughout the day.
  • Individual tools and supplies. Art Camps will have kits that include tools and materials for each camper; musical instruments will be assigned to a specific campers for the week—- we will not be sharing supplies or equipment unless they can be sanitized between users.
  • Health Department Advisors. Our local health department has been running meetings for camp directors that Louise has been attending. They have been wonderfully responsive to our questions. And as we plan the daily details for camp we will be asking them to review our plans.
  • Creative preservation of CAMP MAGIC!
    • We are inventing new games and adapting favorite games to incorporate physical distancing while running and tagging and playing hard!
    • Exuberant closeness and connection. We are very aware that camp normally includes lots of hugs and piggy back rides and sitting in laps and puppy piles. We are getting creative about other gestures and things to do that give some of the same happy feelings as a hug, while staying covid careful!

summer camp 2021 & registration

In order to serve more campers with the smaller groups, we will be running camp EVERY week during the summer. Because of the smaller groups we will also have a narrower age range  for each week of camp (7-10 or 11-13 instead of 7-13 for example). Also, staff will not work two weeks in a row. So, there will be a fresh group of leaders each week. We will be working with a smaller group of COUNSELORS as well.

    • Sign up Early. Even running every week we are able to serve about HALF of the number of campers as we normally would.
    • Selected Campers. In order to have a good spread of ages, racial and gender balance, and good “group chemistry” each week we will not be running on a strictly “first come first serve” basis.

car pooling

Car pooling is set up by parents, not camp, but we will provide contact information so parents in different locations can contact one another. Please respect each families decisions as to what is acceptable to them for managing risk during a pandemic.

Here is a CDC document called “Protect Yourself When Using Transportation” which includes a section on shared rides and carpooling.

what if. . . ?

There is a stay at home order during a camp week?

  • We will have a “plan b” for each camp.
    • MOST camps will have a Zoom camp with the same teachers and topics during that same week. We will not stay on zoom for 8 hours! But we will do 4-5 hours during the day, which we expect will include:
      • morning circle
      • 2 hour morning workshop on the topic of the week
      • a shared lunch hangout
      • two afternoon workshops on fun topics (1 hour each)
      • check in
      • closing circle
    • Ukulele Camps will have less total time on Zoom, but will include an individual lesson for each camper, some playing together, and some fun related topics.
    • A couple of camps that we think will not translate well to zoom we may cancel and refund.
  • You will know when signing up what the Plan B option is for each particular camp.