Zoom Settings for Sharing Music and Dance!

tips for sharing LIVE MUSIC over zoom

Please use these advanced settings so we can hear you! This is especially important if you are singing and playing an instrument, the default settings on zoom are “noise cancelling” to try and cancel out back ground noises in the room. But that means it will cancel out your music or your voice— it won’t allow both!

NOTE: if you use these settings we WILL be able to hear EVERYTHING going on in the room, so take that into account and do your best to eliminate back ground noise before you begin.

TIPS FOR USING ZOOM FOR MUSIC (thank you Jennifer DeWolf for these instructions)
  • Find the mic on the bottom of your zoom panel (where you mute and unmute yourself)
    • There is a little upside down v next to the mic, click on it to reveal a menu of options. . .
    • click audio settings and once you are in audio settings:
      • Set “Suppress persistent background noise” to “LOW”
      • uncheck the automatically adjust microphone volume box
        set input volume to about 80%
    • Then click on the “advanced” settings button at the bottom of the audio settings panel and:
      • Check the box marked “Show in-meeting option to ‘Enable Original Sound’ from microphone”
      • Make sure “Echo Cancellation” is set to “Auto”
  • When you are in a Zoom meeting, be sure that in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, it says “turn original sound off”.  (We want original sound to be ON while we are playing music over Zoom.)
  • To enable original sound on a tablet or phone:  Click on Settings–>Meetings–>Use Original Sound
  • The closer your device is to your router, the better your WiFi connection will be.  For the very best connection, consider plugging your computer directly into the router with an ethernet cable.  

tips for sharing TAP over zoom

Thank you Ballet School of Chapel Hill for these instructions

Instructions to Fix Audio in ZOOM for Tap


  • At the bottom left hand corner click the small arrow next to “Join Audio/Mute”
  • A small menu will pop up. Click the last option. “Audio Settings”
  • At the bottom right hand corner in the new window click “Advanced”
  • Check the box that says [Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone]
  • Click the dropdown menu for “Suppress Persistent Background Noise”
    Select “Disable”
  • Click the dropdown menu for “Suppress Intermittent Background Noise”
    Select “Disable”
  • Close the “Settings” window and go back to the meeting window (with people’s faces)
  • At the top right hand corner click “Turn on Original Sound”

tips for sharing RECORDED MUSIC directly from your computer (for dance parties and such)

  • click share screen at the bottom of your zoom screen
  • click advanced at the top of the zoom screen
  • click music or computer sound

tips for running music and voice for a DANCE CLASS instructor

Instructions for Zoom Dance Classes (thank you Andrea Lara!)

1. Use a wireless headset or mic.

2. Open the Meeting Session and go to Audio Settings

3.  Make sure that Speaker and Mic are set to the headset

4. Go to the Share Option and select the Advanced Tab

5. Select Music or Computer Sound Only and then click on Share.

6. Play the music from the music Source (spotify)

7. The Computer will play music through speakers and should share music to participants


1. For better quality it is recommended to use a mobile phone camera. I used my iPhone camera which is HD and a tripod to mount the phone.

2. Download  ivCam on the smartphone and Download ivCam also on the computer https://www.e2esoft.com/ivcam/

3. Before the meeting start the application on the phone and on the computer. The computer should automatically detect the camera from the phone.

5. From ivCam on the computer, use the mirror horizontal option to mirror the camera

6. On the zoom meeting, select the ivCam camera from the camera drop-down.