staff forms


Counselors: There are several forms that you need to fill out for camp.

You can download them here (PDFs). Please print them out and return to me!
(Assistant counselors and volunteers have fewer forms, see below.)

Tax Forms for Counselors

  • W-4 form- This form must be filled out every year, so even if you have filled it out before, please fill it out a gain.
  • NC-4 form
  • Employment Eligibility I-9 form – If you have ever filled out this form I have it on file and you do not need to do it again. If this is the first time you have been a PAID counselor this form must be filled out and sent to me WITH a photocopy of the documents they ask for. A photocopy of a passport will give me everything I need. OR a photocopy of your social security card AND your driver’s license will also work. If you don’t have a drivers license they list some other options, read that part of the instructions.

Please print out, fill out, and send me the forms above ALONG WITH photocopies of the required documents. I CANNOT PAY YOU UNLESS I HAVE THESE DOCUMENTS!


Lead Teachers: You have a few forms you need to fill out for camp.
PLEASE PRINT OUT and fill out and return to me these forms ASAP!

Lead Teachers must also fill out the following TAX forms:

I CANNOT pay you unless I have your W-9!


Please print these PDF forms out and return them to me: