work at camp

if you want to work at camp

If you are interested in working directly with children and adults at our camp program and workshops, you are in the right place. FIRST, before reading further, PLEASE see our STAFF page under “About Us” for a good overview of our staffing at camp.


If you are interested in working as a COUNSELOR during our 2019 camp season, please fill out our COUNSELOR INTERVIEW form, once we have received this, we will be in touch!



If you are interested in joining our team of INTERNS please contact us by email: It would be useful to know why you would like to be an intern and which area you are most interested in working in. What we are looking for right now are (updated 2/10/2019):

  • an intern interested in WEBSITE maintenance and SOCIAL MEDIA posting
  • a VIDEO ARTIST intern who will help us create video content for our Youtube channel and for staff training purposes
  • a PROGRAMMING intern who will help prepare new program activities for and work our camps in 2019. The scope of this could be smaller and focused on ONE camp in particular, or broader and span more than one Spring and Summer camp.

teaching artists, naturalists, lead teachers, guest artists

Each week of camp we have working artists, naturalist or outdoor educators working with our campers. These “lead teachers” are the people responsible for leading the activities that define each camp week. Each year we work with many lead teachers we know and love and a few NEW lead teachers and guest artists. We are always interested in meeting new potential collaborators! Please email director Louise Omoto Kessel at if you are interested in joining us.