Zoom Agreement to Hold Harmless

We MUST have your Agreement to Hold Harmless (which you will indicate you have read and agree to below) in order for you/your children to participate in our online workshops.

The risks inherent in taking online workshops are very different from those of an In Person program at Clapping Hands Farm, so please read the following paragraph carefully:
For our online winter workshops, lead teachers will communicate with campers and families over Zoom. This means that, while teachers will be fully engaged in teaching, we are not able to provide the general supervision we commit to while your campers are physically on the farm. For example, if your child has a question about the felt hat they’re working on, our lead teacher will engage with your child to help them figure out the problem. However, if a sibling dispute arises during a Zoom workshop, a smoke alarm goes off, a stranger comes to the door, somebody slips and falls, or any other number of occurrences, you as the parent are responsible for your child’s safety and well-being. We expect a parent or an adult to be at home during the workshops.

Several of the winter workshops require a kit of supplies. These may include sharp tools, small objects, fabric or glues that trigger an allergy, and other hazards. Once this kit arrives to your house, it belongs to your family and should be used and stored according to the safety precautions you deem necessary to protect your family and your child. You are responsible for being aware of what is being offered each workshop session and determining which projects your camper can undertake on their own. If you believe your child needs direct supervision in order to ensure they do not cut or otherwise injure themselves, you are responsible for providing this supervision.

Please check the box below in order to indicate you have read and understood the above paragraphs, and that you are in agreement with the following statement:

I authorize Louise Omoto Kessel and Holmes Graybeal of Clapping Hands Farm, as well as the paid and volunteer camp instructors and counselors teaching CHF online workshops in winter of 2020, to lead me and/or my child in a series of online workshops. I understand that there are risks inherent to this activity. I assume all risks of loss, damage or injury to myself and/or my child that may be sustained through our participation in CHF online workshops. I agree to hold Clapping Hands Farm, Louise Omoto Kessel, Holmes Graybeal, and other staff and volunteers, and landowners harmless for injuries which may occur during such activities.